[OE-core] [PATCH] kernel-yocto: checksum indirect cfg and scc files

Robert Berger oecore.mailinglist at gmail.com
Fri Jul 5 17:11:25 UTC 2019

Hi everybody,

Let me throw in my 2 cents ;)

We have 2 cases (and combinations)

1) .scc, .cfg, .patch files just lying around not being used

2) .scc, .cfg, .patch files actually somehow being included in the 
kernel recipe and hence being used

Say, the kernel recipe includes something like this:

SRC_URI += "file://imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp.scc \
             file://imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp.cfg \
             file://imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-config.cfg \
             file://imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-patches.scc \
             file://imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-features.scc \

The various files contain this:

== imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp.scc ==

kconf hardware imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp.cfg

== imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-config.cfg ==


== imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-patches.scc ==

patch 0001-revert-patch-e7e73b10d690c5352cb11b1941a09e4f3dc4c8c.patch

== imx6q-phytec-mira-rdk-nand-bsp-user-features.scc ==
include <from somewhere>/linux-yocto-custom/cfg/ikconfig.scc
include <from somewhere>/linux-yocto-custom/features/hello-in-tree.scc

and so on...

So yes .scc .patch and .cfg files are being included, directly, or 

My question is:"What is different from including a .patch file here 
compared to including in from any other recipe?"

I guess the same behavior should apply to .patch, .scc and .cfg files.



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