[OE-core] build failures due to pigz host tool

Trevor Woerner twoerner at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 14:27:09 UTC 2019

On Wed 2019-07-03 @ 05:10:14 PM, Richard Purdie wrote:
> Is there any way you could try pigz 2.4 on your machine, see if the
> problem still occurred there? If you do rebuild pigz, could you apply
> the debug patch in master-next?

I've updated the pigz in the $PATH jenkins sees to pigz-2.4.

However, my builds are always updated automatically and always build from
master; there's no way to insert ad-hoc patches into a build.

The job of my overnight builds is to keep tabs on master branches and ensure
they continue to build, not to test groups of patches in anticipation of
pushing new things into the repository. Therefore my Jenkins build flow has
been structured this specific way on purpose.

Since these failures only occur for me from builds kicked off by Jenkins, I
won't be able to easily help test patches unless I were to create a new
Jenkins workflow.

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