[OE-core] [PATCH 3/3] glibc/glibc-locale: Fix do_stash_locale to work with usrmerge and multilibs

Jason Wessel jason.wessel at windriver.com
Tue Jul 2 20:16:09 UTC 2019

The do_stash_locale was not working consistently across the 4 build
configurations and the multilib, usrmerge configuration would fail
entirely with the obscure message:

| DEBUG: Executing shell function do_prep_locale_tree
| tar: i18n: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
| tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
| gzip: /poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.29-r0/locale-tree//usr/share/i18n/charmaps/*gz.gz: No such file or directory
| WARNING: /poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/glibc-locale/2.29-r0/temp/run.do_prep_locale_tree.124690:1 exit 1 from 'gunzip $i'

Here is the 4 build configurations without the patch applied:

A) x86-64 no multilibs, no usrmerge
find ./tmp/work/*/glibc/2.29-r0/stashed-locale -type f |grep -v nscd.service |wc -l
B) x86-64 no multilibs, usrmerge
find ./tmp/work/*/glibc/2.29-r0/stashed-locale -type f |grep -v nscd.service |wc -l
C) x86-64 multilibs, no usrmerge
find ./tmp/work/*/glibc/2.29-r0/stashed-locale -type f |grep -v nscd.service |wc -l
D) x86-64 multilibs, usrmerge
find ./tmp/work/*/glibc/2.29-r0/stashed-locale -type f |grep -v nscd.service |wc -l

The issue here is that all the moves should be processed first, then a
copy should be made of the lib directories, but only in the case they
are different when using the usrmerge feature.  Even though the build
worked for the multilib configuration without usrmerge, the content
was not the same.

After applying the patch the same number of files are in all the
configurations.  The list of files was also diffed, after normalizing
the directory names to ensure all the correct files were copied.

Ultimately there are probably additional files that should be pruned
from what is copied to the stated_locale, but the purpose of this
patch is make it 100% consistent between the build types and fix the

Signed-off-by: Jason Wessel <jason.wessel at windriver.com>
 meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-package.inc | 19 +++++++++++++------
 1 file changed, 13 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-package.inc b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-package.inc
index a1d79b3075..ff17a193c3 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-package.inc
+++ b/meta/recipes-core/glibc/glibc-package.inc
@@ -162,21 +162,28 @@ bashscripts = "mtrace sotruss xtrace"
 do_stash_locale () {
 	install -d ${dest}${base_libdir} ${dest}${bindir} ${dest}${libdir} ${dest}${datadir}
-	if [ "${base_libdir}" != "${libdir}" ]; then
-		cp -fpPR ${D}${base_libdir}/* ${dest}${base_libdir}
-	fi
+	# Hide away the locale data from the deployment
 	if [ -e ${D}${bindir}/localedef ]; then
 		mv -f ${D}${bindir}/localedef ${dest}${bindir}
 	if [ -e ${D}${libdir}/gconv ]; then
 		mv -f ${D}${libdir}/gconv ${dest}${libdir}
-	if [ -e ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib ]; then
-		cp -fpPR ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib ${dest}${exec_prefix}
-	fi
 	if [ -e ${D}${datadir}/i18n ]; then
 		mv ${D}${datadir}/i18n ${dest}${datadir}
+	# Make a copy of all the libraries into the locale stash
+	cp -fpPR ${D}${libdir}/* ${dest}${libdir}
+	if [ "${base_libdir}" != "${libdir}" ]; then
+		cp -fpPR ${D}${base_libdir}/* ${dest}${base_libdir}
+	fi
+	if [ -e ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib ]; then
+		if [ ${exec_prefix}/lib != ${base_libdir} ] && [ ${exec_prefix}/lib != ${libdir} ]; then
+			cp -fpPR ${D}${exec_prefix}/lib ${dest}${exec_prefix}
+		fi
+	fi
 	cp -fpPR ${D}${datadir}/* ${dest}${datadir}
 	rm -rf ${D}${datadir}/locale/
 	cp -fpPR ${WORKDIR}/SUPPORTED ${dest}

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