[OE-core] U-Boot FW utilities

Tim Hammer tdhammer99 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 15:28:26 UTC 2019

Building the u-boot-fw-utils recipe fails on the default configuration for
my custom board, e.g.
     | ***
     | *** Can't find default configuration
     | ***
     | scripts/kconfig/Makefile:121: recipe for target 'myboard_defconfig'

I can modify this recipe to add the same patches that are in the u-boot
recipe append, but am wondering if I am missing something "simpler" that
would share the patches already in u-boot?

Alternatively, I attempted to build the envtools target in the u-boot
recipe append file, but some include/generated/ header files were missing.
I am guessing I could also modify the configure step, but am not confident
enough in understanding OE processing to think this will be easy/simple.

Any other options I have not considered?
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