[OE-core] Slideshow for FOSDEM

Paul Barker pbarker at toganlabs.com
Wed Jan 3 14:47:51 UTC 2018

Hi all,

As we've only got one table at FOSDEM this year we're not going to
have space for as many bits of hardware as usual. I'd still like us to
show off the project and what people are building with OpenEmbedded &
Yocto Project though. Given the limited space I think the best way to
do this would be to put a slideshow on my laptop.

I've made a start on this here:

I've made this publicly editable so please feel free to add slides for
any OE features you want to show off and any projects (professional or
hobbyist) built with OE. If anyone can add a slide on project history
that would also be great. I'd also like a slide on the latest release
and the new features added. Photos of hardware projects using OE and
features like Toaster would be especially welcome!

I'll give this a final edit before FOSDEM and the put it on rotation
on a laptop at the stand. Hopefully it will be useful for future
events as well.

Thanks all,

Paul Barker
Togán Labs Ltd

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