[OE-core] Submission of 'emit-buildvars' class?

Alexander Kanavin alex.kanavin at gmail.com
Mon Aug 20 16:19:06 UTC 2018

2018-08-20 17:58 GMT+02:00 Enrico Scholz <enrico.scholz at sigma-chemnitz.de>:
> I do not know, how this can be done with plain OE.  As said, SDKs are too
> heavy weighted, 'devshell' too slow and can not be scripted, 'externalsrc'
> is broken, slow and can not be scripted.

For better or worse, Yocto Project has standardized on devtool (not
devshell!) and externalsrc for these kind of local development
workflows. You are very welcome to improve and add to them, so they
are not broken or slow, but a wholly different mechanism is not likely
to be accepted.


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