[OE-core] design question: should layer.conf contain "PREFERRED_VERSION" settings?

Burton, Ross ross.burton at intel.com
Wed Mar 22 11:19:42 UTC 2017

On 22 March 2017 at 11:14, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:

> so, just to be clear, the simple act of adding that layer to a
> project's bblayers.conf file will cause those preferred versions to
> be selected, correct?
>   is that considered good design? in a perfect world, i've always
> believed that you should be able to load up your bblayers.conf file
> with as many extraneous layers as you want and (well, with some
> exceptions), if you choose not to take advantage of the contents of a
> layer, it shouldn't hurt you.



It's a violation of the layer design rules and should result in the new
layer compat tools failing the layer.

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