[OE-core] [PATCH 03/30] selftest/cases/package: Call parent setUpClass method

Patrick Ohly patrick.ohly at intel.com
Wed Jul 12 17:14:28 UTC 2017

On Wed, 2017-07-12 at 10:44 -0500, Aníbal Limón wrote:
> On 07/12/2017 01:51 AM, Patrick Ohly wrote:
> > On Tue, 2017-07-11 at 15:23 -0500, Aníbal Limón wrote:
> >>      def setUpClass(cls):
> >> +        super(VersionOrdering, cls).setUpClass()
> >> +
> > 
> > In Python3 one can simply use super().setUpClass().
> > 
> > Not sure whether that's worth a V2 by itself. There's also plenty of
> > other code outside of this patch which could be simplified like this.
> Yes may be is better to send a patch changing all the cases to the new
> py3 form.

Definitely not something for this patch series. However, I think
new code should avoid the more complex form whenever possible. So if you
do a V2, then I'd prefer to have super() in your patch.

Best Regards, Patrick Ohly

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