[OE-core] [RFC PATCH 1/4] u-boot: basic support of device tree blob reassembly

Anders Darander anders at chargestorm.se
Wed Apr 20 08:37:37 UTC 2016

Just a comment on task ordering. Not sure that it really matters

* Yannick GICQUEL <yannick.gicquel at iot.bzh> [160420 10:28]:
> Le 19/04/2016 16:30, Andreas Oberritter a écrit :
> >Hello Yannick,
> Hi Andreas,

> >On 19.04.2016 14:46, Yannick Gicquel wrote:
> >>+addtask assemble_dtb after do_deploy before do_install
> >The task do_deploy executes after do_install. Does it really work this
> >way? I think bitbake should try to detect this and error out.
> I confirm do_deploy is executed before do_install.
> It looks like it is schedule this way by the last line of the file:

> addtask deploy before do_build after do_compile

Well, if task do_deploy is scheduled before do_install, that's just by

The following line adds do_install:

addtask install after do_compile

Thus, the ordering between do_install and do_deploy isn't fixed. It
could be random, it could be based on alphabetical sorting, or the order
the tasks are added. However, it could easily change...


> (I attached the log.task_order for reference - FYI, behavior is the same on
> jethro or today's master branch)
Anders Darander, Senior System Architect
ChargeStorm AB / eStorm AB

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