[OE-core] OpenEmbedded e.V. membership status announcement

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov dbaryshkov at gmail.com
Mon May 18 21:57:33 UTC 2015


2015-05-05 1:27 GMT+03:00 Denys Dmytriyenko <denis at denix.org>:
> All,
> In accordance with OpenEmbedded e.V. statutes, members that were absent from
> two or more consecutive annual General Assembly meetings and didn't have
> anyone representing them by proxy, forfeit their active membership status and
> can no longer vote in any OE e.V. election. Thus, the current up-to-date
> membership roster is one of the blocking items for any election process.
> After collating the attendance records and all gathered proxy forms from past
> years GA meetings, the Board of Directors came up with the following list of
> inactive members - see below.
> Realizing, that some people may still be active in other capacities in the
> OpenEmbedded e.V. organization, or just wish to renew their active status, the
> Board of Directors would like to open up a two-week period for inactive
> members to state their intent to become active, after which we should be able
> to vote for reinstating them back.
> The Board will make an effort to contact inactive members directly by email,
> or please feel free to reply to this announcement with your intent. Thanks.
> The list of e.V. members to become inactive, based on GA attendance:

[skipped a list with my name in it]

While I'm an active user and sporadically active contributor to OE,
I'm not a frequent visitor to the conferences, where GA take place :(
I tried using proxies for GA attendance, but it did not work for
various reasons. So I'm OK with being listed as an 'inactive' member.
Hoping that I will be able to become formally 'active' again, if I
become active wrt. e.V in real life.

With best wishes

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