[OE-core] [PATCH 0/1] icu-native: not relocatable via sstate

André Draszik adraszik at digisoft.tv
Mon May 18 08:06:00 UTC 2015

The icu recipe installs icu-native twice, once in the usual location,
and once for cross builds into the path given by --with-cross-build.

This latter path is not included in the list of paths recognised by
chrpath.bbclass, hence the binaries in there retain the rpath as used
during compilation. This causes the package to not be relocateable
from sstate.
[YOCTO #6851]

Please note that the attached change alone doesn't cause the sstate
signature to become invalid, hence bitbake will use an existing
archive from sstate (which still has the old rpaths).
Not sure what's missing to force a signature change here, other than
doing a -c cleansstate

Also, in the patch, I did try using ${STAGING_ICU_DIR_NATIVE} instead
of open-coding ${datadir}/${BPN}/${PV}, originally, but that didn't
work, as at the time chrpath.bbclass was running, this translated
into .../usr/lib instead of .../usr/share (as it should and does
during all the other tasks). I didn't find the reason for that.


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