[OE-core] [PATCH] parted_1.8.6.bb: add parted that not GPLv3

alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com alexander.kanavin at linux.intel.com
Thu Jul 9 11:33:29 UTC 2015

> Add parted-1.8.6 which is not GPLv3.

I have to say, I still can't support having this in oe-core. Providing
alternatives to GPLv3 software is fine, but not when the 'alternative' is
a very old, unsupported version of the same software, which inevitably
brings issues in functionality and maintenance.

But if Ross and/or Richard disagree, then I'll have to accept it.

> +Upstream-Status: Pending

"Inappropriate" is a better reason here, with clarification that the
patches are to make an old version work and upstream won't be interested
in them.

> +do_install_append() {
> +	/bin/rm -rf ${D}/${libdir}/*.la
> +	/bin/rm -rf ${D}/usr/share/info/dir
> +	/bin/rm -fr ${D}/usr/bin
> +}

What are you deleting here and why?


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