[OE-core] [PATCH] libpng 1.6.13: fix build for aarch64

Mark Hatle mark.hatle at windriver.com
Mon Nov 3 17:38:02 UTC 2014

On 11/3/14, 9:24 AM, Koen Kooi wrote:
> Op 3 nov. 2014, om 13:10 heeft Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org> het volgende geschreven:
>> On Mon, 2014-11-03 at 13:06 +0100, Koen Kooi wrote:
>>>> Op 3 nov. 2014, om 12:30 heeft Burton, Ross <ross.burton at intel.com> het volgende geschreven:
>>>> On 3 November 2014 11:27, Koen Kooi <koen at dominion.thruhere.net> wrote:
>>>>> Last night I was looking at my "post-1.7" tag and the number of aarch64 patches there.   Kai, did you continue work on that staging branch for all of the aarch64 patches that were being posted?
>>>> What does that have to do with this patch?
>>>> Kai was collecting patches that were sent to oe-core, and this may have been one of them.
>>> Is this some new requirement for OE-core patches?
>> Its someone being helpful and trying to consolidate a topic branch and
>> test things before it gets merged.
>> So its not a new requirement but it is helpful and appreciated.
> It's been over a month and libpng is still broken, so I refuse to classify this new process as 'helpful' or as 'appreciated' at this point.
> If this continues can the person doing such a branch reply to patches intended for it saying they will or won't be queued? And please run the patches without such a reply through the regular process. That would be both helpful and appreciated.

We've been attempting to aggregate what we (WR) can in:


But as it's unofficial and we're simply trying to keep the patches we know of 
together..  you'll have to be patient.  The first order of business is getting a 
functional qemuarm64.. it's MOSTLY there, but we're having toolchain issues and 
other things that are simply higher priority for us.

As for libpng, we have a different version of the patch in that branch...  it 
was enough to get around the problem in question, but may not be the correct fix.


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