[OE-core] opkg-0.2.2 release

Paul Barker paul at paulbarker.me.uk
Tue Apr 1 21:18:30 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I've just released opkg-0.2.2 with the following bugfixes (issue
numbers refer to the opkg issue list):

- Fix '--force-reinstall' flag so that it acts as an upgrade rather than
  removing possibly critical packages before reinstall (issue 71)

- Symlinks are now correctly removed during package uninstall (issue 91)

- Fixed help and manual pages to reflect that shell globs not true regexps are
  accepted by opkg (issue 107)

- The error message "no valid architecture" is no longer given when the
  architecture of a package is valid but incompatible with the current system.

This is a bugfix only release with no other significant changes.

I have also rebased the patches against opkg in oe-core against the
new release and checked that they still apply and that the result
builds with recent oe-core master. The result was tested on qemuarm by
running 'opkg update' against a package feed and installing a few new

Do we want to try to get this in to the upcoming Yocto release or
shall I delay the recipe upgrade until after the release? If you want
it for the upcoming release I'll re-run my tests locally just to be
sure it's looking good and then send a patch.


Paul Barker

Email: paul at paulbarker.me.uk

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