[OE-core] systemd services in the rootfs

Florin Sarbu florin.sarbu at windriver.com
Wed Feb 13 15:33:57 UTC 2013

Hi all,
following the transition of the systemd.bbclass from meta-openembedded 
to oe-core, I stumbled upon on what seems to me a missing feature that 
has not been brought along in the new systemd.bbclass in oe-core. Seems 
that if one does not explicitly specify the inclusion of the packages 
containing the systemd services in a packagegroup or image recipe or use 
some other mechanism that will determine the addition of these packages 
in the final rootfs, then the root filesystem will not contain the 
systemd services. Even though DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN="systemd" is set. 
The meta-openembedded systemd.bbclass, needed no additional adding of 
the systemd related packages, just RRECOMMENDED and things worked as 
expected. Shouldn't the DISTRO_FEATURES_INITMAN do just that? Is it 
something that still needs to be done on the systemd.bbclass or would 
you suggest that from now on we will have to manually add the systemd 
packages in packagegroups, image recipes etc?

Thank you,

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