[OE-core] [PATCH 000/122 V2] [dora] fixes for dora (cover leter only)

Richard Purdie richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org
Wed Dec 11 14:38:21 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-12-11 at 14:26 +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Can you confirm that all these patches have an equivalent change in
> master already? I can see some which I can't find equivalent changes in
> master for :(

Running "git cherry master contrib/robert/dora-next master -v | grep ^\+"
gives a list of commits in dora-next but not in master and these are the
ones we need to look more closely at:

+ d72b558cd968db9bd0fa601ae1365cef06a51369 poky.ent, documentation: Updates for building 1.5.1 release.
+ 854c136d485975e5f697e373aa0cc063fee7faca tools/mega-manual.sed: Changed 1.5 to 1.5.1
+ 1ba659469c678a10e8c3a7f337f62c1e93898ce1 dev-manual: Updates to Toaster section about examing data
+ 803300cc126ab5581454d0dfb153d5c11998f5bc dev-manual: A few tweaks to Ch2 of dev-manual
+ e3e0d40704473e752d93de79cfb04a979c3073bb dev-manual: Small number of tweaks to ch 3, development manual.
+ 5de0010afff5c861da1c84f45fa9791dd5721ec5 dev-manual: Reworded sentence for meta-intel setup
+ 184166fa7a5e1beb51660258b1d19dd4daa85996 dev-manual: Fixed broken structure.
+ fa191d48825d97e324e57e628a0ce2d720c2e06d dev-manual: Rough draft of wic section.
+ b0c4c855a0d5d4d2efcdf4da4b06e943be310887 dev-manual: More work on the new wic section.
+ acd37849336938faad2d62a0c0edf30a8be3fcda dev-manual: Complete first draft of the new wic section.
+ e9d0f1d211940e60bb357a755faeb95f47cf6729 dev-manual: Changed "Tasks" term into "Package Groups" term.
+ 6fc8adf98a5af48001adff3ed6deb3fdb96e0486 dev-manual: Added "Task" term.

All docs so ok.

+ 2238d4a63f55721aad4557f862bd6c86a3e2c904 Revert "utils.bbclass: Fix override ordering for FILESPATH"

Also intended for dora, ok.

+ 887cdec2b889d1ecb81f0fcc1aa00204fbc7108e pigz: Add pigz to buildtools tarball

Confirmed as in master, patch is against slightly different version so ok.

That leaves the following we need to investigate:

+ 20c0a87c19cf51bcd849fb4de91421cae0f97ae4 mdadm: Disable the RUN_DIR check
+ cc225f0e74865623714461cd38bec3b6557c6df7 mdadm: flag __SANE_USERSPACE_TYPES__ to include int-ll64.h for powerpc64
+ d912ce035beb0da28d83719920a2cebfda8b3073 ethtool: Fix ptest compile
+ 1cff575511f32935a69ec1c9ef966311ad409e2f gdb-7.6: fix cygwin check in configure script
+ bfd8feec0a25f61bf1f722dc8719e8194e284f52 libtiff: fix CVE-2013-1960
+ 2615979d05e24c3bf05e33a67bb7aa21eab9f011 nfs-utils: explicitly rdepend on bash
+ 5a13d607954fb2099a82c5f1f4135be6cb6ca4d3 dpkg: Fix a build error for dpkg-native on CentOS 5.8.
+ c37ab9c220b8f1d2045b1aaf9cd03c1f9a899390 dpkg: Fix a link problem for dpkg-native on CentOS 5.8.

We need to know if these are in master, if not why not and if the issue
is specific to dora.



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