[OE-core] how to set time zone

Mark Hatle mark.hatle at windriver.com
Fri Oct 28 14:43:02 UTC 2011

Setting the default TZ for the image is something that should be done in a post
install script for the tzdata package or something similar.

Since the /etc/localtime is usually a copy/hardlink or symlink to the timezone
data we don't want to package it up.  Instead we want to perform the actions
that a program running on the target system itself would use to change the timezone.

So I think the easiest approach is to add a system level configuration variable
(set the default).

Then use this variable to populate the configuration file that specifies the
system timezone... and then use the post install process to check the contents
of a text file.

Alternatively do this via an initscript -- but for folks w/ read-only
filesystems I'm not sure that will work.


On 10/28/11 3:22 AM, Andrea Adami wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 9:05 AM, Ni Qingliang <niqingliang at insigma.com.cn
> <mailto:niqingliang at insigma.com.cn>> wrote:
>     THANKS!
>     I still want the native support by oe-core/yocto:-). If no, I will try
>     by myself.
> I've asked three or four time the oe-core crow to improve the recipe...last one:
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 12:24 AM, Joshua Lock <josh at linux.intel.com
> <mailto:josh at linux.intel.com>> wrote:
>     Per mailing requests, here are updates to the tzdata and gst-plugins-good
>     recipes.
>     Joshua
>     The following changes since commit 95d0ff5e070c690314ab87665200099a52d37ebf:
>      tzdata: updated SRC_URI and update to 2011k (2011-10-18 11:16:58 -0700)
> Thanks for the tzdata fix.
> Now, we have the same recipes in meta-oe with a slightly different do_install
> and packaging: I'm referring to /etc/localtime and /etc/timezone: which package
> do provide those in oe-core?
> (We'll remove the tzdata/tzcodes from meta-oe once the recipes are matching)
> Regards
> Andrea
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