[OE-core] Trouble by last dbus patch (46e6c3fa8034b12d178d605f3f5d7efe69671a13)?

Scott Garman scott.a.garman at intel.com
Thu Oct 27 20:43:17 UTC 2011

On 10/27/2011 01:30 PM, Andreas Müller wrote:
> Since the last updates of all layers (angstrom based) I have issues with
> * networkmanager/nm-applet (meta-oe): I am not allowed to change the settings
>    any more
> * xfce-session (meta-oe): Logging out takes very long and Restart/Shutdown is
>    disabled
> I remember that I had similar issues a while ago. That could be worked around
> by starting some dbus stuff ( do not exactly remember what it was ).
> With this vague idea I checked and found in oe-core:
> | dbus: use useradd class to allow use in read-only filesystems
> | author	Otavio Salvador<otavio at ossystems.com.br>
> | commit	46e6c3fa8034b12d178d605f3f5d7efe69671a13
> Not understanding totally what is all about I see in /etc/passw
> | messagebus:x:999:998::/var/lib/dbus:/bin/sh
> but I don't have /var/lib/dbus on my sytem!!
> I did not check yet, but maybe this is an incompatibilty with angstrom custom
> | FILESYSTEM_PERMS_TABLES = "fs-perms-angstrom.txt"
> somebody around to enlight the darkness?

useradd should be creating the home directory automatically, but I'd 
guess it's not being picked up during packaging. Try adding:


to FILES_${PN}

This is a reasonable guess off the top of my head.


Scott Garman
Embedded Linux Engineer - Yocto Project
Intel Open Source Technology Center

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