[oe-commits] [openembedded-core] 20/30: resulttool/manualexecution: Enable creation of test case configuration

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Tue Jun 18 10:31:52 UTC 2019

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rpurdie pushed a commit to branch warrior
in repository openembedded-core.

commit 2ab748e4d8e4c64571f51d5e090b723b93dd5c5d
Author: sangeeta jain <sangeeta.jain at intel.com>
AuthorDate: Mon Jun 3 16:17:47 2019 +0800

    resulttool/manualexecution: Enable creation of test case configuration
    Allow the creation of test case configuration file based on user inputs.
    Where this testcase configuration file will be used by the the manual
    execution to run selected test cases for a module rather than compulsory
    run all test cases in manual json file.
    Signed-off-by: sangeeta jain <sangeeta.jain at intel.com>
    Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org>
    Signed-off-by: Armin Kuster <akuster808 at gmail.com>
 scripts/lib/resulttool/manualexecution.py | 31 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 30 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/scripts/lib/resulttool/manualexecution.py b/scripts/lib/resulttool/manualexecution.py
index df28e1d..ecb27c5 100755
--- a/scripts/lib/resulttool/manualexecution.py
+++ b/scripts/lib/resulttool/manualexecution.py
@@ -181,11 +181,38 @@ class ManualTestRunner(object):
         write_json_file(config_options_file, config_options)
         logger.info('Configuration option file created at %s' % config_options_file)
+    def make_testcase_config_file(self, logger, case_file, testcase_config_file):
+        if  testcase_config_file:
+            if os.path.exists(testcase_config_file):
+                print('\nTest configuration file with name %s already exists. Please provide a unique file name' % (testcase_config_file))
+                return 0
+        if not testcase_config_file:
+            testcase_config_file = os.path.join(self._get_write_dir(), "testconfig_new.json")
+        testcase_config = {}
+        cases = load_json_file(case_file)
+        new_test_module = self._get_test_module(case_file)
+        new_testcase_config = {}
+        new_testcase_config['testcases'] = []
+        print('\nAdd testcases for this configuration file:')
+        for case in cases:
+            print('\n' + case['test']['@alias'])
+            add_tc_config = self._get_true_false_input('\nDo you want to add this test case to test configuration : (Y)es/(N)o\n')
+            if add_tc_config:
+                new_testcase_config['testcases'].append(case['test']['@alias'])
+        write_json_file(testcase_config_file, new_testcase_config)
+        logger.info('Testcase Configuration file created at %s' % testcase_config_file)
 def manualexecution(args, logger):
     testrunner = ManualTestRunner()
     if args.make_config_options_file:
         testrunner.make_config_option_file(logger, args.file, args.config_options_file)
         return 0
+    if args.make_testcase_config_file:
+        testrunner.make_testcase_config_file(logger, args.file, args.testcase_config_file)
+        return 0
     configurations, result_id, write_dir, test_results = testrunner.run_test(args.file, args.config_options_file, args.testcase_config_file)
     resultjsonhelper = OETestResultJSONHelper()
     resultjsonhelper.dump_testresult_file(write_dir, configurations, result_id, test_results)
@@ -203,4 +230,6 @@ def register_commands(subparsers):
     parser_build.add_argument('-m', '--make-config-options-file', action='store_true',
                               help='make the configuration options file based on provided inputs')
     parser_build.add_argument('-t', '--testcase-config-file', default='',
-                              help='the testcase configuration file to enable user to run a selected set of test case')
\ No newline at end of file
+                              help='the testcase configuration file to enable user to run a selected set of test case or make a testcase configuration file')
+    parser_build.add_argument('-d', '--make-testcase-config-file', action='store_true',
+                    help='make the testcase configuration file to run a set of test cases based on user selection')
\ No newline at end of file

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