[oe-commits] [meta-openembedded] branch jansa/master deleted (was f1b8172)

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Fri Jul 12 20:19:07 UTC 2019

This is an automated email from the git hooks/post-receive script.

michael_halstead pushed a change to branch jansa/master
in repository meta-openembedded.

     was f1b8172  efl, elementary, elvas-generic-loaders: upgrade to 1.11.2

This change permanently discards the following revisions:

 discard f1b8172  efl, elementary, elvas-generic-loaders: upgrade to 1.11.2
 discard 1e44875  python-efl: upgrade to 1.11.0
 discard f3bb0cd  e-wm: add recipe for 0.19.0 but with negative D_P
 discard bdaf0ec  elbow: replace eve
 discard cd95936  webkit-efl: upgrade to 1.11.0
 discard eeebdb6  luajit: respect BUILD_*FLAGS when building native
 discard 7479c03  breakpad: install static library
 discard e766b2f  openldap: update version to 2.4.39
 discard 2f17e3e  acpitests: update to 20140828 release
 discard f2b3065  quagga: add systemd service file
 discard 75fdd44  quagga: add subpkgs to RDEPENDS
 discard dc6f06c  gdal: update to version 1.11.0
 discard 8ad4392  krb5: update to version 1.12.2
 discard cbd62fe  vsftpd: add systemd service file
 discard 0b0a12e  vsftpd: fix pkg_postinst
 discard dce8852  mariadb: drop the anonymous function and use proper install layout
 discard 8a71c91  fb-test: update to 1.1.0
 discard ee6e053  acpica: update to 20140828 release
 discard 3fe0bb3  pm-qa: update to 0.4.14 release
 discard 32a9962  cyassl: version 3.2.0 release
 discard e0235e0  vala-terminal: patch Makefile.am for B!=S
 discard cd22d72  haveged: Add recipe for haveged entropy daemon v1.9.1
 discard 2272ef1  opencv: Add recipe for OpenCV v3.0.0-alpha.
 discard b362c9a  libmtp: Fix build with glibc 2.20
 discard 49d956e  xbmc: disable rxsx (euphoria)
 discard 442cbe7  xbmc: Update to v13.2
 discard a1d3457  Revert "add support for opendataplane"
 discard b1ea554  add support for opendataplane
 discard a8170e0  mplayer2: Inherit python3native

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