[oe-commits] [openembedded-core] 15/20: psmisc: Fix dependency for USE_NLS=no

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Wed Jul 3 08:11:35 UTC 2019

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rpurdie pushed a commit to branch master-next
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commit 1f163ab451a8a5a5ba1fb426cf5a9eb41f822368
Author: Jason Wessel <jason.wessel at windriver.com>
AuthorDate: Tue Jul 2 13:16:07 2019 -0700

    psmisc: Fix dependency for USE_NLS=no
    When using USE_NLS="no" in the local.conf psmisc will fail to
    compile as follows:
    | autoreconf: Entering directory `.'
    | autoreconf: running: autopoint --force
    | autoreconf: failed to run autopoint: No such file or directory
    | autoreconf: autopoint is needed because this package uses Gettext
    | ERROR: autoreconf execution failed.
    This is because the gettext.bbclass returns gettext-minimal-native for
    the host dependency which does not include autopoint.  The autopoint
    utility is required to build psmisc, so it needs to list
    gettext-native as a dependency.
    Signed-off-by: Jason Wessel <jason.wessel at windriver.com>
    Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org>
 meta/recipes-extended/psmisc/psmisc.inc | 2 +-
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff --git a/meta/recipes-extended/psmisc/psmisc.inc b/meta/recipes-extended/psmisc/psmisc.inc
index 82ef947..594a10c 100644
--- a/meta/recipes-extended/psmisc/psmisc.inc
+++ b/meta/recipes-extended/psmisc/psmisc.inc
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ command sends a specified signal (SIGTERM if nothing is specified) to \
 processes identified by name.  The fuser command identifies the PIDs \
 of processes that are using specified files or filesystems."
 SECTION = "base"
-DEPENDS = "ncurses virtual/libintl"
+DEPENDS = "ncurses virtual/libintl gettext-native"
 SRC_URI = "${SOURCEFORGE_MIRROR}/psmisc/psmisc-${PV}.tar.gz"

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