[oe-commits] org.oe.dev mtn: symlink test

koen commit openembedded-commits at lists.openembedded.org
Sat Aug 4 16:13:19 UTC 2007

mtn: symlink test

Author: koen at openembedded.org
Branch: org.openembedded.dev
Revision: 97361f57055487168df642f2260c940cb3b6da7f
ViewMTN: http://monotone.openembedded.org/revision.psp?id=97361f57055487168df642f2260c940cb3b6da7f

# mt diff -ra0e7e86db7c5ef00350a27bbe1959df6c1375b2a -r97361f57055487168df642f2260c940cb3b6da7f
# add_file "delete.txt"
#  content [bd9617c3b4539ee027a89ed5100118f79fac7a56]
--- delete.txt	bd9617c3b4539ee027a89ed5100118f79fac7a56
+++ delete.txt	bd9617c3b4539ee027a89ed5100118f79fac7a56
@@ -0,0 +1,27 @@
+Packages to be removed from OpenEmbedded if no one will fix them.
+Dropping stuff from metadata is not best way so this file will be filled
+with informations about which parts of metadata will be removed.
+Please sort by removal date
+Package Name:   recipe, directory or subsystem name
+Removal Date:   YYYY-MM-DD
+Maintainer:     Surname Name + e-mail
+Reason:         description why it will get removed
+Proposed by:    person which want entry to be removed
+Package Name:   Maemo
+Removal Date:   2006-12-15
+Maintainer:     none
+Reason:         Unfetchable, obsoleted by IT2006 release.
+Proposed by:    Marcin 'Hrw' Juszkiewicz
+Package Name:   task-bootstrap*
+Removal Date:   2006-12-22
+Maintainer:     None
+Reason:         Obsoleted by task-base
+Proposed by:    Koen Kooi
+Note:		Moved to packages/obsolete/tasks on 2006-12-22

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