[oe-commits] org.oe.oz354x local.conf.sample: fix typo

justinp commit openembedded-commits at lists.openembedded.org
Wed Nov 15 20:49:23 UTC 2006

local.conf.sample: fix typo

Author: justinp at openembedded.org
Branch: org.openembedded.oz354x
Revision: 05aac212af0f90f182ad76f9d45cb7ba1d791bff
ViewMTN: http://monotone.openembedded.org/revision.psp?id=05aac212af0f90f182ad76f9d45cb7ba1d791bff

# mt diff -r997214130bbda4fad30f7f310752fd04ddc283d0 -r05aac212af0f90f182ad76f9d45cb7ba1d791bff
# patch "conf/local.conf.sample"
#  from [03c6ac36e627026eca7727bfc7b1b773e3d790c2]
#    to [7a2c217247df6815d3d06369f3cb2b453322b5f5]
--- conf/local.conf.sample	03c6ac36e627026eca7727bfc7b1b773e3d790c2
+++ conf/local.conf.sample	7a2c217247df6815d3d06369f3cb2b453322b5f5
@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ BBFILES := "${@bb.fatal('Edit your conf/
 BBFILES := "${@bb.fatal('Edit your conf/local.conf: BBFILES')}"
 # Use the BBMASK below to instruct BitBake to _NOT_ consider some .bb files
-# This is a regulary expression, so be sure to get your parenthesis balanced.
+# This is a regular expression, so be sure to get your parenthesis balanced.
 BBMASK = ""
 # Uncomment this if you want to use a prebuilt toolchain. You will need to

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