[bitbake-devel] [PATCH v2 0/3] fetch2/git: Check fullshallow tarball and clonedir before access

Urs Fässler urs.fassler at bbv.ch
Mon Oct 8 08:15:09 UTC 2018

In contrast to the first version of the patches, we don't use bb.fatal to signal
an error but raise an bb.fetch2.UnpackError exception.

LogRecord is not included in the patches since it is not used anymore.

Urs Fässler (3):
  fetch2/git: prevent access to non-existing clonedir
  fetch2/git: explicitly show the decision logic to select the source in
  fetch2/git: provide information about missing sources

 lib/bb/fetch2/git.py  | 26 +++++++++++++++++++++-----
 lib/bb/tests/fetch.py | 13 +++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 34 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)


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