[bitbake-devel] [PATCH] fetch/git: fix per-branch unpacking

David Vincent freesilicon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 11:59:04 UTC 2017

On mardi 17 octobre 2017 13:26:03 CEST Alexander Kanavin wrote:
> On 10/17/2017 02:27 PM, David Vincent wrote:
> > Create branches for each user-supplied name when running checkout and
> > set start point of branch to the resolved revision.
> Can you provide an example of how this should be used please (in the
> commit message)?
> Alex
First of all, sorry for the multipost, I resent the patch too quickly after 
seeing the mailman notification.

I don't clearly see the example I need to provide since this behavior is 
already documented in the fetcher and this patch is simply a bugfix :

- branch
   The git branch to retrieve from. The default is "master"

   This option also supports multiple branch fetching, with branches
   separated by commas.  In multiple branches case, the name option
   must have the same number of names to match the branches, which is
   used to specify the SRC_REV for the branch
   SRCREV_nameX = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Maybe I can provide some background behind this fix and you tell me if I must 
complete my commit message.
When working on a linux-yocto kernel, I tried to merge a feature branch in my 
machine branch using the merge functionality, therefore I needed to checkout 
two branches in a specific revision. Problem is that my machine branch was 
correctly checked out with the SRCREV provided in the recipe but the feature 
branch was not, it was checked out to the tip of the remote branch. When 
investigating a little further, I did find that bitbake only checks out the 
first branch and does not handle other branches (why it did work in the first 
place seems like some bbclass magic to me). The point is that with this patch, 
all my branches are correctly checked out and my kernel got the good revision.


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