[bitbake-devel] Question on toaster bringup

Olaf Mandel o.mandel at menlosystems.com
Wed Aug 30 16:08:56 UTC 2017


Am 30.08.2017 um 16:51 schrieb Reyna, David:
> [Am 30.08.2017 um 14:38 schrieb Olaf Mandel:]
>> I want to initialize toaster from fixtures alone, if possible. It should
>> only provide a "local" release (no network dependency at all). Here I
>> ran into two to three problems:
> Thank you for using Toaster! There is a Toaster team [...]

I obviously posted to the wrong forum, sorry: this should be the last
email there.

> [...] and we have a meeting each week, for which I am the lead and the Toaster maintainer. I will forward you the link (it is in about 10 minutes :-)

Thanks, but I missed it. Probably would not have had much to contribute,

>> * the oe-core.xml fixture adds three releases. Is it possible to
>> remove/delete objects in the custom.xml fixture that I do not want?
>> Currently I am working around that by just configuring out the line
>> call_command("loaddata", "oe-core") in checksettings.py.
> 1) See 11957 for a resolution for your question. The fixtures are strictly additive, so 11957 provides the way to disable the default fixtures.

Thank you. Just for anyone else who got as confused as me: the commit-id
got rewritten from 254e2debe5705f4fe34307378a8c1457e4327d1c to
ac29d4a9078494544a2627d8b6b021096b49cb34 (at the moment).

One question for that: where does ToasterSetting get an object with
name=='CUSTOM_XML_ONLY' from? Does this require editing the settings.xml

>> * the custom.xml fixture needs to reside in the
>> bitbake/lib/toaster/orm/fixtures directory to be found. How can I search
>> at other places? Setting an environment variable FIXTURE_DIRS didn't
>> seem to help.
> 2) Yes, create and enhancement request and we can address that. It is too late for enhancements for YP-2.4 but we can look at that for 2.5.
Request number is #12007. Thank you for considering it.

>> * minor point: would it make sense to detect if
>> call_command("lsupdates") is needed? One does not need that for a purely
>> local release and I have it commented out.
> 3) Ideally you would provide your own Layer Index server so that you can get the full power of the interface. We can certainly look at alternatives for your reduced use case.
I guess I could. But even without it, I can still build. The only
inconveniences I see are:

* machine is not selectable / detectable
* recipes / images are only known after they were build once
* because of above, need to put the image recipes into the custom.xml
fixture to allow building them
* links to recipe files are dead

I can live with all of the above, so I will probably not set up a local
layer index.

Thank you,
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