[bitbake-devel] [PATCH] wget.py: support for semi-colons in URL

Bystricky, Juro juro.bystricky at intel.com
Mon Jul 27 16:10:39 UTC 2015

I agree that a generic solution is preferable. I also I think it is only prudent to support all valid URLs.
The situation is complicated by the fact that at present it may not be possible to determine how to interpret the ‘;’ in SRC_URI.
It can be part of the URL or it can be a SRC_URI delimiter/separator.
As I don’t suppose changing the delimiter character from semi-colon to something else (i.e. an unsafe URL character)
is an option, some other changes to the SRC_URI syntax are needed, for example:

1.       Some form of escape sequence (i.e. ‘;;’ means treat as ‘;’) in URL, i.e.

SRC_URI = "http://abc123.com/git/?p=gcc/gcc.git;;a=snapshot;;h=a5dd47;downloadfilename=abc.tar"

2.       Quoted string implementation, using one of the “unsafe” URL characters such as ‘`’, to delimit  the URL

SRC_URI = "’ http://abc123.com/git/?p=gcc/gcc.git;a=snapshot;h=a5dd47`;downloadfilename=abc.tar"

3.       Something else ?



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On Sat, Jul 25, 2015 at 11:32 AM, Juro Bystricky <juro.bystricky at intel.com<mailto:juro.bystricky at intel.com>> wrote:
Some URLs contain semi-colons. For example, some GIT repositories
support downloading snapshots using URL such as:


Currently there is no way to construct SRC_URI with such URLs.
Bitbake uses semi-colons in SRC_URI as delimiters for various parameters.

This patch allows using of semi-colons in URLs: ';;' (double semi-colon)
in SRC_URI is processed  as a single semi-colon that is a part of a URL name.
For example, the above URL would become:

SRC_URI = "http://abc123.com/git/?p=gcc/gcc.git;;a=snapshot;;h=a5dd47"

Note that it is not possible to determine the name of the downloaded file
from URL alone. The onus to specify the proper name is on the user,
via the parameter 'downloadfilename':

SRC_URI = "http://abc123.com/git/?p=gcc/gcc.git;;a=snapshot;;h=a5dd47;downloadfilename=myfile.tar.gz"

Signed-off-by: Juro Bystricky <juro.bystricky at intel.com<mailto:juro.bystricky at intel.com>>

In my opinion, if we’re going to support this, we should really support it in a generic way, in urldecode/urlencode & the URL class, and if needed leverage that in wget.
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