[bitbake-devel] hg fetcher failures for SRCREV set to a tag

Jon Szymaniak jon.szymaniak at gmail.com
Sat Dec 22 17:36:37 UTC 2012

>> Hi Richard,
>> Thanks for pinging back on this. (Sorry I just double-sent this to
>> you. Forgot to include the list! :P)
>> I think a fairly simple solution might be to just clone the entire
>> repo by not adding "-r REV" to options[] for an 'hg clone' invocation.
>> The 'hg update' that follows on lines 142-147 should set the repo to
>> the desired revision.
> This does sound like the best bet, to me.
> --
> Christopher Larson

Hi all,

Just wanted to touch base on this issue. I didn't hear anything back
on the little patch I posted...not sure if that's a silent rejection,
if I didn't include the right info in the subject line, or if folks
haven't had a chance to test it. If there's something I screwed up,
please do let me know for future reference. :)



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