[bitbake-devel] Matthew McClintock : bitbake: print out symmetric difference when comparing sigs

git at git.openembedded.org git at git.openembedded.org
Wed Nov 23 17:51:48 UTC 2011

Module: bitbake.git
Branch: master
Commit: f1eb6d3dcc10c42bb09383a87bde3afa69bc6ed9
URL:    http://git.openembedded.org/?p=bitbake.git&a=commit;h=f1eb6d3dcc10c42bb09383a87bde3afa69bc6ed9

Author: Matthew McClintock <msm at freescale.com>
Date:   Wed Nov 23 02:08:50 2011 -0600

bitbake: print out symmetric difference when comparing sigs

This is useful for really longs lists to pinpoint what has
actually changed

Signed-off-by: Matthew McClintock <msm at freescale.com>
Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <richard.purdie at linuxfoundation.org>


 lib/bb/siggen.py |    4 ++++
 1 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/lib/bb/siggen.py b/lib/bb/siggen.py
index 217f29b..3eed664 100644
--- a/lib/bb/siggen.py
+++ b/lib/bb/siggen.py
@@ -248,9 +248,11 @@ def compare_sigfiles(a, b):
     if 'basewhitelist' in a_data and a_data['basewhitelist'] != b_data['basewhitelist']:
         print "basewhitelist changed from %s to %s" % (a_data['basewhitelist'], b_data['basewhitelist'])
+        print "changed items: %s" % a_data['basewhitelist'].symmetric_difference(b_data['basewhitelist'])
     if 'taskwhitelist' in a_data and a_data['taskwhitelist'] != b_data['taskwhitelist']:
         print "taskwhitelist changed from %s to %s" % (a_data['taskwhitelist'], b_data['taskwhitelist'])
+        print "changed items: %s" % a_data['taskwhitelist'].symmetric_difference(b_data['taskwhitelist'])
     if a_data['taskdeps'] != b_data['taskdeps']:
         print "Task dependencies changed from:\n%s\nto:\n%s" % (sorted(a_data['taskdeps']), sorted(b_data['taskdeps']))
@@ -262,6 +264,7 @@ def compare_sigfiles(a, b):
     if changed:
         for dep in changed:
             print "List of dependencies for variable %s changed from %s to %s" % (dep, a_data['gendeps'][dep], b_data['gendeps'][dep])
+            print "changed items: %s" % a_data['gendeps'][dep].symmetric_difference(b_data['gendeps'][dep])
     if added:
         for dep in added:
             print "Dependency on variable %s was added" % (dep)
@@ -290,6 +293,7 @@ def compare_sigfiles(a, b):
                 print "Hash for dependent task %s changed from %s to %s" % (dep, a[dep], b[dep])
     elif 'runtaskdeps' in a_data and 'runtaskdeps' in b_data and sorted(a_data['runtaskdeps']) != sorted(b_data['runtaskdeps']):
         print "Tasks this task depends on changed from %s to %s" % (sorted(a_data['runtaskdeps']), sorted(b_data['runtaskdeps']))
+        print "changed items: %s" % a_data['runtaskdeps'].symmetric_difference(b_data['runtaskdeps'])
 def dump_sigfile(a):
     p1 = pickle.Unpickler(file(a, "rb"))

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